william-h-algerAlger Electric has been family owned and operated since 1946, when it was founded by the late William H. Alger.
In the early years, the company only provided residential services, but by 1954, when Emmett H. Brooks (Williams’ nephew) joined the company, Alger Electric began to venture into the commercial wiring of service stations and phasing out from residential work. william-and-robert-brooks-srIn 1971, Robert H. Brooks Sr., Emmett’s son (Williams’ great nephew) joined the company and broadened their expertise into the wiring of restaurants, office buildings, and warehouses. William built a strong foundation for Alger to thrive on and, in the summer of 1976, he passed away suddenly. Emmett took the regns with Robert by his side and continued to operate the company as William wished – diversifying the company in many ways.

robert-brooks-jrIn 1993, Robert H. Brooks Jr., Robert’s son (Williams’ great great nephew) began working full time brininging to the company a desire to establish a sign and lighting division which he headed until his tragic death in 2002. This dealt the company a strong blow and, in 2007, Kristen B. Brooks, Robert’s daughter (Williams’ great great neice) came back to the company to strengthen its core. The next step was to come into the 21st century with LED signs and lighting. This was mastered and soon a new chapter began. In 2010, Emmett H. Brooks retired and happily passed the reigns to his son Robert H. Brooks as William would have wished. The rest is….or should we say…the best is yet to come!


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